The person who never saw the college made a company of 5500 crore

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The person who never saw the college made a company of 5500 crore

The person who never saw the college made a company of 5500 crore


Today we are going to tell you that Mr. B, the owner of Suguna Foods. Sundarajan, who studied up to only 11 V and after that, set a precedent by setting up a company of 5500 crores with its dedication and hard work.


Suguna Foods is a familiar name in the world of poultry industry today. This company is capable of employing people written in the world, and about 23,000 farmers of India are benefited from this company. Sugun Foods made their feet in the poultry industry and today stands at this stage that many people benefit from the poultry industry.



In 1984, the company's director B. Sundarajan, along with his younger brother, laid the foundation of the company in just Rs 5000. At that time he would not even realize that this 5000 rupees would be transformed into 5500 crores after 30 years. Yes, today the company's annual turnover is around Rs 5500 crore


B Sundarajan, born in the teacher's house, was born in the village near Coimbatore. At the behest of a father, he started growing the vegetable and continued till about 3 years. While doing this work, his education was not completed and he had to leave his studies in the middle. According to B. Sundarajan, his father advised him to do business and wanted him to do his job not to waste time looking for his job. During his farming, he suffered a loss of Rs 2 lakh, after which he went to Coimbatore and worked for a furniture company for nearly 1 year. After Coimbatore, he went to Hyderabad and started working as Sales & Marketing in the Agricultural Pump Company. According to B. Sundarajan, they did not get Telugu or English but they used to sell the pump in the entire state. And that's why they experienced marketing and sales. After that, he quit his job and started the work of the poultry industry with his younger brother.


As we have stated in the above sentence, Suguna Foods started with Rs 5000 in 1984. In 1986 it was transformed into a Poultry Firm as a small business. In 1990, Contract farming was started by B Soundararajan and his younger brother. For the first time in 1997, the turnover of the company was roughly 7 crore. Turnover of this Rs 7 crore encouraged the company owner B Soundararajan to spread his business across Tamil Nadu. Now he started to realize that connecting this business with technology is very important. That's why after this business Technician and businessman were also brought. The result was that in 2000, the company's annual turnover had reached 100 million in only 3 years. After 2000, the company expanded itself with the help of State Governments in neighboring states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh. The main reason for this state's support of state government was the Contract Farming Concept. Which was made the medium of Kamai of the farmers? This company has been growing on the path of progress every year, in its 31 years journey. And this is why this company became the No.1 company of India in the productivity of Broiler chicken. Apart from this, the company has managed to make the top 10 in world-class Poultry Industry. In the coming days, we can see and hear the success stories of this company and that which will be an inspiration for all of us. The Business Model with Sugar Foods Contract Farming is very well-known and is providing livelihood to most farmers. Thanks to the same Business Model, Suguna Foods has managed to explain the state governments of their business and expand their business from one state to another. Apart from this, the company also manufactures hatcheries, poultry feed, medicine, frozen food and so on. Contract farming can be used as an agreement between the buyer and the producer for agricultural products. According to B Soundararajan, in this business model, his younger brother talks about being a partner with the farmers. Who can establish poultry farm for poultry farming on their land? After that, Suguna loses those farmers, their food, and medicines, etc. In those days, a farmer had to put 1.20 lakh, 8000 square feet in place of shading, feeding and watering equipment to carry around 5000 poultry. In which the farmers engaged in the money used to be recovered in two years. After every 45 days, Suguna used to sell chicken to the farmers in the market. At the time of production, the farmers used to pay 50 paise per kg. But now we pay 5 rupees per kg. In today's time, setting up of 5000 chickens form can cost about Rs. 6 lakhs. And according to the contract farming business model, it can be recovered in three years.

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