The history and the fact of the entire Jagannath temple that is why it is still incomplete the statue of Jagannath of Puri

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The history and the fact of the entire Jagannath temple that is why it is still incomplete the statue of Jagannath of Puri

There are many stories related to all temples and holy places. These prevailing gathas, in turn, influence the devotees to bring them to these places. One such place is Jagannath Temple of Puri. A story related to this famous temple is very popular. Read what the whole story is about.


According to a very popular story, Dwarka came from mother Yashoda, Devaki Ji, and her sister Subhadra Vrindavan. The queens accompanying him requested him to tell them about Sri Krishna's childhood. On this, Mother Yashoda and Devaki agreed to recite those queens. Because Kanha and Balram should not listen to their talk, the mother of Devaki's sister Subhadra started to guard the door.


Mother Yashoda initiated the saga of Krishna's leela and as soon as she went on speaking, all became engrossed in her talk. Subhadra himself, forgetting the care of the guard, started listening to them. Meanwhile, both Krishna and Balram came there and no one was aware of this, Subhadra was so immersed that he could not know when Kanha and Balram came there.


Both Lord Krishna and Bhai Balram started listening to their voices from mother Yashoda. Their hair began to be heard by listening to their devils and actions, because of surprises the eyes became big and the mouth remained open. At the same time, Subhadra herself became so enchanted that love started melting in the house. This is the reason that his stature is the smallest in the Jagannath temple. All the Krishna ji were listening to the leelaas that here Narada Muni came here.


Narada ji started looking at everyone's feelings that everybody realized that someone had come. Because of this, the text of Krishna Leela was stopped here. Narad ji, seeing the incarnation of Krishna's mind, said, "Wow, Lord, you look so beautiful. When will you embody this form? "At that time Krishna said that he would take such an incarnation in Kali Yuga.


According to the promise, in Kali Yuga, Shri Krishna came in the dream of Raja Indradyumna and told him to build his Vigya in the tree trunk of Puri's Darya and then install him in the temple. As per Krishna's order, the king started looking for a suitable carpenter for this work. In a few days, an old Brahmin found him and expressed his desire to make this vigilance. But this Brahmin put a condition in front of the king that he would make this vigilance in the closed room only, and while doing his work, no door would open the door or else he would leave the work incomplete.


Initially, the voice of work came, but after a few days, the voice stopped coming from that room. The king was thinking that he could open the door and see if he could see it once or not. Somewhere that old Brahmin has not done anything. In this worry, the king one day opened the door of that room. As soon as the door opened, he got incomplete aversion. Then he realized that Brahmin was none other than Vishwakarma himself. Going against the condition and opening the door, he left.


At that time Narada Muni Padhera and told the king that just as God said in the dream of making this Vigilance, he opened the door to keep it incomplete in the same way. The king only installed those unfinished idols in the temple. This is why the idol made in the temple of Jagannath Puri is worshiped without any stone or other metal statue but using the tree stems.


The statue of Shrikrushna, Subhadra, and Balabhadra (Balram) in the womb of this temple is situated. It is said that Mata Subhadra was very much loved by her maternal grandfather, so in order to fulfill her wish, Shrikrushna, Balram and Subhadra ji visited different rathas and visited Dwarka. Since then, every year Rath Yatra is extracted in Puri.


10 Wonders of Jagannath temple


1) Unlike the wind, flutter flag:


The red flag always set on the side of the Shri Jagannath Temple always flows in the opposite direction of the wind. This is what is the reason why scientists can tell it, but this is definitely amazing.  It is also astonishing that every day the flag set up above the temple is replaced by human upside down. The flag is also so grand that when it flutters it stays at all. Shiva's moon is made on the flag.


2) The Shedo of the dome is not formed:


It is the most magnificent and tallest temple in the world. This temple is spread over 4 lakh square feet and its height is about 214 feet. It is impossible to see the dome standing by the temple. The shadow of the main dome remains invisible at any time of the day. It must be understood from the example of this temple that our ancestors must have been so large. This grand form of the temple of Puri was built in the 7th century.


3) Wonderful Sudarshan Chakra:


From any place in Puri, if you look at Sudarshan Chakra on the top of the temple, then you will always see it in front of you. It is also called a blue wheel. It is made of octal metal and is considered pure and holy.


4) Wind Direction :


During normal days air comes from sea to ground and vice versa during the evening, but it is reversed in Puri. Usually, the air generally comes from sea to land, but here the air goes from the ground to the sea.


5) Birds flying over the dome: