Karnataka Election result: Yeddyurappa sworn in as Chief Minister

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Karnataka Election result: Yeddyurappa sworn in as Chief Minister

The magic of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah was seen in Karnataka. We can say today that the wave of Narendra Modi still remains in India as a whole.



Elections to 222 of 224 seats in Karnataka were held on May 12, 2018. The people of Karnataka took part in the election and the percentage of voting was very good compared to the last time. Modi made 21 rallies in this election. There were some rallies of any prime minister in Karnataka. Set a distance of about 29 thousand kilometers. During this time, Modi did not go to any religious place.


Modi had 24 rallies in 20 crore population and 403 seats in UP. Karnataka's population is 6.4 million and 224 seats. Modi had the highest number of 34 rallies in Gujarat and 31 in Bihar elections. BJP President Amit Shah also took part in rallies. He attended about 50 thousand rallies. In Karnataka


In this election in Karnataka, the BJP gave its full strength. Around 40 Union Ministers, more than 500 MLAs and MPs and 10 Chiefs were present during this campaign. Together they have organized more than 400 rallies and road shows in Karnataka.


On the other hand, Rahul made 20 rallies and 40 road show-market meetings. Rahul fixed two-fold distance with Modi Traveled 55 thousand kilometers. Prior to this, Rahul had discussed the cot before the UP elections. The entire state had visited. There were 20 rallies and 8 roadshows. In UPA, Sonia Gandhi did not campaign, whereas in Karnataka, she had to get off to publicity.



There were elections in entire India but in the elections held in Karnataka, everyone had a look. Let's see why


1.) The most rally of any Prime Minister of India came out in Karnataka. Narendra Modi has performed more than 20 relia and road shows. Before the Karnataka elections, there were governments in 20 BJP states. After Narendra Modi became the prime minister, the BJP had won in 14 states.


2.) Became Congress President in 2017. Tripura, Meghalaya and Nagaland elections for the second time in this role. Currently, there is a government in Punjab, Mizoram and Puducherry. In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Congress had won the maximum of 9 seats from Karnataka. Then she won a total of 44 seats. Now it has increased to 48.