Indore has been number one Indore will remain the number one

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Indore has been number one Indore will remain the number one

Indore has once again achieved its place in number one in cleanliness by showing its magic, and Madhya Pradesh's capital Bhopal is number 2. Chandigarh occupied the third place.



Union Minister of State for Urban Development Hardeep Singh Puri tweeted this information. In the tweet, the minister congratulated the people of Indore and Bhopal. If talk of clean states, Jharkhand was in the first place, Maharashtra remained at the distant and Chhattisgarh third place. These surveys were done in 4000 cities of the country and its criteria were very strict; Despite this, the people of Indore gave their full support to the cleanliness and gave their full support to make Indore the number one again. Indore Mayor Smt. Malini Gaur complimented the people of Indore and said that all this has been done due to the people of Indore. He also lauded the municipal officials and the people of the media who helped give everything to the masses. The survey team had talked to 590 people in about 4 days, out of which only 6 people did not give good feedback about the cleaning system of Indore, whereas all the people praised them in front of the survey team of Indore. And the impact of the campaign run by Malini Gore was that it was 1400 points out of 4000 of the feedback that Indore received.


Rank given by 4 thousand digits

- This time the survey was based on 4 thousand points.

- The people's response was kept 1400 points.

- 1200 points were kept for independent evaluation.

- 1400 were kept for the functioning of the body.


The corporation had a lot of support to make Indore the number one, which resulted in Indore being re-occupied in the first place. Let's see how the city corporation showed it


-> In Indore, 10 garbage transfer stations are equipped with modern machines which transfer waste to manure.


-> In place of toilet in place of Indore, so that the person is not forced to go out to the toilet.


-> Municipal corporation imposed a fine of 500 rupees on the spit on the road and on the way to the toilets.


-> There was a fine of up to Rs 1 lakh on the spread of the mess.


-> Two years ago, the number of litterabines was about 1500, while in 2018 it was increased to double, ie around 3,000.


-> Wet dried garbage was done and for this, the municipal corporation has installed blue or green green dustbins for throwing dirty trash separately.


-> Approximately 7,000 cleaning workers of the municipal corporation are deployed for cleaning in Indore, who have taken up the responsibility of this, they have about 4200 female employees.


-> In Indore, more than 200 garbage drives are going home and raising the garbage which has been allocated to each ward.


-> The work of cleaning of Indore continues for 24 hours.


-> Each employee has been allotted 200 to 800 meters of cleanliness for cleaning.


-> In the residential area once a day and twice in the business area, cleaning is done two to three times


-> Under the National Waste Management, 200 cleaners keep the roads clean by trains.


-> For cleaning, two cleaning machines have been procured specifically from abroad, one of them can also enter and clean in narrow streets.


-> At night, these machines are cleaned 500 km long main road of the city.



These questions were asked by the team


- Do you know that your city is participating in the cleanliness survey 2018?

- Is your area more clean than last year?

- Have you started using litterbin in commercial areas this year?

- Are you satisfied with the disinfected (wet-dry) house-to-house collection this year?

- Did the arrangement of urinal-toilets rise more than last year, due to which people have stopped urinating and defecation in the open?