Historical city of Madhya Pradesh keeps history alive

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Historical city of Madhya Pradesh keeps history alive

The glory of Swathi Mandu in Madhya Pradesh gives the expression of Kashmir. Here the green plates, the picturesque coastline of Narmada, all make Mandu a paradise of Malwa. It is said about the soils that 'Malwa Mati gehar-serious' Pug-pug roti Doug-Doug Neer. '' Abul Fazal was confused with Manju's illusion that he had to write that Man Pandu was the donor of stone.


In this area, there are many buildings of mountains and rocks. He lived as a Parmar family ruler of Malwa to keep himself affectionate from the invasion of other states. Old buildings still stand the test of time

Parmar kings have settled mandu


Parmar kings have the first credit to set up Mandu. Harsha, Munj, Sindhu and Raja Bhoj are important rulers of this lineage. But their focus was more on edge than Mandu, which is just 30 kilometers from Mandu. The last important king of Parmar dynasty, King Bhoj, was more focused on literature than Vaastu and his time was written in important Sanskrit texts. On his death, the authors cried out saying that now Saraswati has become defunct.


Center of Attraction of Mandu


The palace of Rani Rooptim, Hindola palace, Shasta Mahal, Jama Masjid, Ashrafi Mahal etc. are the main places.



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