Every medal of Mary Com is the story of an interesting story of struggle You too will be surprised to see Maries struggle

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Every medal of Mary Com is the story of an interesting story of struggle You too will be surprised to see Maries struggle

From PT Usha to Sania Mirza, from Karnam Malleswari to Mary Kom, India has made a long way into the world of women's sports. Indian women are making headlines today in sports like boxing, wrestling, and cricket.


There was a time when Indian women were chosen at the national level. The first Indian woman to name the international stage was P. T. Usha. When PT Usha, who was known as Udhampuri of India, made space in the final of the Olympics, this news was shocking for many people in our male-dominated country. Although he could not win a medal at the Olympics, She became the inspiration for many Indian women to join the game in the 80s and 90s.


The story of a struggle


Listening to the name of Mangte Changeyijang Mary Kom, the picture of a bold and courageous woman emerges first in the heart and mind. Mary Kom was born in Kaththeai village in Churachandpur district of Manipur, Western India. Mary Kom was interested in athletics since her childhood, and in 2000, Dinko Singh inspired her to become a boxer. It was not easy for a farmer's daughter to make a career in the boxing ring When Marie Com started boxing, she could not find any support from her home. The house was against the boxing of Mary Com, but her hard work and passion forced her to bend.


Mary Kom has published the name of Manipur, India and its caste com internationally through its game internationally. The courage of an ordinary woman of Manipur is seen by the whole world with her eyes. Mary Kom is a big part of the field of sports. Mary Com is the only dream, to develop the Boxing Academy (MC Mary Kom Regional Boxing Foundation) for her in the Northeast. 

The government has given them land and is getting assistance from the country and abroad. In this academy, poor players are taught boxing free. At present, more than 30 students are in the Academy. A student gets a stipend for 600 rupees a month. Mary Kom is expected to get Gold Medal in the 2016 World Olympics in Rio (Brazil) and she is doing a lot of hard work for it. Mary, we are waiting for your success.


He said, "I am an active MP. Regularly going to parliament and preparing for the championship too. Since I am a government supervisor, I have to take part in all the meetings too. I hope people will understand how difficult it is. "Mary Kom said," I am playing many roles. I am also a mother who has to take care of three children. I do not know how I can do everything. " Mary Kom is not only a face of female boxing in the world, but also because of the fact that the International Boxing Association gave her the nickname "Magnificent Marie" in 2010.

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