Curry's address to improve the internal and external health of the body

Curry's address to improve the internal and external health of the body

Curry leaves are rich in calcium, vitamin A, protein, fiber, and iron and it is very fragrant.


Indian food is an important part of the food used in cuisine and its aroma is very great. These leaves are also used to make medicines. The current is the source of vitamin A (A, B, C), calcium, protein, amino acids, phosphorus, fiber, and iron. Alkaloids present in Kari leaf have health benefits


Removes wounds and irritation.


Curry leaf contains the properties of bacterial inhibitors so that they do not only work to fill the wounds quickly but also act as their remit. And also keep the risks of infection away. It contains plenty of anti-oxide content, which accelerates the process of burning irritation.


Prevents hair from falling.


Curry leaf contains Vitamin B6 which prevents Balo from falling. Using curry leaf powder in hair oil, the hair fall stops, besides 8 to 10 curry leaves to boil in the hair oil and use it for cooling. Regular use will benefit


Keeps away from the problem of diabetes.


In addition to its important qualities, curry leaf has many properties which help in providing relief to the body. If someone has diabetes problems and if the person wants to control this problem naturally, then he should include curry leaves in his diet. In addition, curry leaves affect carbohydrate and metabolism and also helps in reducing stress. Due to the antibacterial, it helps to keep skin even safer.


Helping to remove obesity