4000 year old charioteer excavated in Baghpat Uttar Pradesh know that they belong to the Mahabharata

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4000 year old charioteer excavated in Baghpat Uttar Pradesh know that they belong to the Mahabharata

Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has found remnants of 4000 years old civilization in Bagpat, Uttar Pradesh. Analysts say that the civilization has been rich in Mesopotamia, just about ten centimeters below the farm's land, the Bronze Age civilization says.


ASI officials said that we are digging in Sadakpur Sunoli village of Baghpat. Meeting such an ancient civilization in this area is astonishing. In addition, the biggest thing is that there is a group of royal tombs in an excavation in this area. In the Mahabharata period, the demand of Pandavas was included in 5 villages. Therefore, the relics of this civilization are also being associated with Mahabharata period.


How excavation happened ...


-Asi was excavated at Spinola village in 2004-2005. Then there was 116 hellfire of the Indus Valley Civilization. This work was done under the supervision of ASI officer Dr. DB Sharma. In February Satyendra Singh Mann of the village got some pieces of copper while working in the field. Then he contacted the ASI. After this, excavation was started here in March.


On 15th February 2018, the work of Trial Trench (in-depth study) started under the direction of archaeologist Dr. Sanjay Manjal and Dr. Arwin Manjal, on the instructions of the Director General of ASI, Dr. Oshash Sharma. Earlier, after the excavation of 2005, during the survey of human habitation of Sainola in 2007, Amit Rai Jain, Director of Shahzad Rai Research Institute and then Deputy Inspector General of Meerut, Vijay Kumar received some pieces of copper metal from here. This historic trench of Spinola was installed at the place where the soil was removed from the villagers.



Apart from this, the evidence of the graves and funeral have been found for the first time, such old tombs are kept in the casket. All the graves are locked in a wooden casket. On their walls, there is a copper plating, on which all kinds of shapes are engraved.

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