10 Most Dangerous Hackers of all time

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10 Most Dangerous Hackers of all time

From the invention of computer to our world, our world has changed a lot and the way to work is done today by the computer itself. Any such work will be done without the computer and the war in the world is not on the force of weapon but on the power of technology.

Even in such a technique, if you put a spider on it and ruined everything, then yes the hacker can do it. The world is stunned by seeing the exploits of today; I am going to tell you about those hackers.

1. jonathan james

He is not in the world today, but at the age of 15, his exploits gave him the title of the biggest hacker. At this juncture, he had secured the power to overturn the US government. Jonath had almost all the databases of the American government reaching the database. Even the Department of Defense and NASA's network were not beyond its reach, James had taken out all the information about the operations of the inter-city station from NASA's network. Whose value was worth 1700000 dollars, the NASA had to keep its network closed for a full 3 weeks, but in 2007, the jonathan caught hold of the police. James rejected all charges and committed suicide in 2008

2.   kevin mitnick

The story of Kevin Mitnick

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